The 17th District Recieves More Than $13 million in COPS Grants Over 10 Years

For fiscal years 2003 to 2012, $13,517,048 in COPS grants were awarded to law enforcement agencies in the 17th Congressional District in Ohio.

COPS grants advance the practice of community policing in the nation’s state, local, territory, and tribal law enforcement agencies.

  • COPS grants have funded 66 additional police officers and sheriffs deputies to engage in community policing activities, including crime prevention, in the 17th district
  • 14 local and state law enforcement agencies in the 17th district have directly benefitted from funding made available through the COPS Office
  • $125,000 has been awarded too add additional school resourcer officers to improve safety for students, teachers, and administrators in primary and secondary schools throughout the 17th district
  • $398,723 has been awarded for crime-fighting technologies. this funding has allowed officers to spend more time on the streets of the 17th district fighting and preventing crime through time-saving technology, information-sharing systems and improved communications equipment.

See the attached pdf for more detail on COPS Grants awarded to Ohio's 17th district.