Rebuilding Our Economy

Protecting our economy and putting citizens back to work is a priority for Congressman Ryan.


Congressman Ryan believes that improving education and providing the opportunity for all citizens to access quality education needs to be a number one priority.

Charting A New Energy Future

Congressman Ryan believes the nation should move towards the expansion of and support for renewable energy sources that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Fighting for our Servicemembers and Veterans

Protecting our national security is imperative to the American way of life.

Health and Wellness

Americans are facing a chronic health epidemic which is increasing healthcare spending and lowering quality of life.

Providing Healthcare For All

Congressman Ryan believes that affordable and accessible health care is a basic right for all Americans, and that health insurance is an investment not only in quality of life for our citizens, but also in our economy.

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

With our energy grids failing, our sewers leaking, our roads crumbling, and interest rates at historically low levels, now is the time to reinvest in America.

The Fight to Bring Claudia Hoerig to Justice

For a decade I have fought for justice for Major Karl Hoerig and his family. I want to give you an important update on my efforts to bring Claudia Hoerig to trial for the murder of her husband and my constituent, U.S. Air Force Reserve Major Karl Hoerig.

Fighting the Prescription Drug and Heroin Epidemic

A prescription drug and heroin epidemic is currently sweeping our state and the nation.

Protecting Our Seniors

Social Security and Medicare are two of our most important social programs, having helped keep millions of seniors and the disabled out of poverty.

Protecting Reproductive Health

There are many factors involved when a woman decides to end a pregnancy, and over the past 14 years in political office, I have gained a deeper understanding of the complexities and emotions that accompany the difficult decisions that women and families make when confronted with these situations.