Congressman Ryan Secures $30 Million for Major Program to Insert Additive Manufacturing into U.S. Army Supply Chain | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Ryan Secures $30 Million for Major Program to Insert Additive Manufacturing into U.S. Army Supply Chain

November 26, 2019
Press Release

Youngstown, OH — Representatives Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Mike Doyle (D-PA) worked together to secure funding, valued at $30M to date, for a major U.S. Army program to insert additive manufacturing (AM) technologies into its supply chain. Ryan is now the second ranking Democrat on the House Defense Appropriations Committee.

The program, called AMNOW, signifies a tremendous investment in advancing manufacturing technologies within the Army’s supply chain to improve overall military readiness. It also represents a substantial regional economic growth opportunity for small- to medium-sized manufactures within their Congressional districts of northeastern Ohio (NEO) and southwestern Pennsylvania (SWPA).

Structured as a multi-phase, multi-year contract, AMNOW is managed by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) – Aviation & Missile Center through the U.S. Army Manufacturing Science and Technology (MS&T) Division under the newly formed U.S. Army Futures Command.

“I am proud to have been able to use my position on the Defense Appropriations Committee to help secure this important funding for our community. This type of project is only possible because of our deep history of manufacturing excellence and the groundbreaking work being done at America Makes and YBI. This project will give our community the opportunity to enter into the U.S. Army’s advanced manufacturing supply chain – creating opportunity, jobs, and investment for our workers and businesses. I look forward to continuing to bring innovative projects like this to our region and finding opportunities to work with organizations like the U.S. Army that leverage our skills and expertise,” said Congressman Tim Ryan.

The AMNOW program launched in April 2019 with the award of the initial phase, which was secured jointly by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) in partnership with Catalyst Connection.

Based in Blairsville, Pa., NCDMM delivers innovative and collaborative manufacturing solutions that enhance domestic workforce and economic competitiveness. NCDMM also manages America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, in Youngstown, Ohio. Catalyst Connection, a private not-for-profit organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., provides consulting and training services to small- to medium-sized manufacturers in SWPA.

Congressmen Ryan and Doyle are staunch supporters of and advocates for the manufacturing industry. They both participate in the House Manufacturing Caucus, an active bipartisan group focused on enhancing the productivity, capacity, and competitiveness of American manufacturing, which Congressman Ryan co-chairs.

Congressman Ryan and Congressman Doyle are also very familiar with the work of NCDMM and Catalyst Connection and their respective manufacturing and economic contributions to the Tech Belt region of NEO and SWPA.

Of their continued support, NCDMM President and CEO, Dean L. Bartles, Ph.D., FSME, FASME, said, “I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to acknowledge Congressman Ryan and Congressman Doyle for their ongoing efforts in support of our nation’s manufacturing sector. We have a shared mission of working to increase domestic manufacturing strength and ensuring our nation’s military readiness. They both also understand the potential of AM technologies within the manufacturing and defense industries. The AMNOW program will result in significant tactical and strategic advantages for the Army. We are grateful for their work to secure funding for the AMNOW program and their confidence in NCDMM and Catalyst Connection to execute it.”

Youngstown is the premier innovation hub in the country – home to America Makes and Youngstown Business Incubator. In 2012, Congressman Ryan secured an $85 million public-private partnership investment to create the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, which is now known as America Makes, which helps accelerate and innovate additive manufacturing and 3-D printing to increase our nation’s global manufacturing competitiveness. The Youngstown Business Incubator supports local businesses and entrepreneurs, while promoting innovative technology and long-term sustainable employment opportunities—with a focus on information technology and advanced manufacturing.