Congressman Tim Ryan Reacts to President Trump’s “China First” Agenda | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Tim Ryan Reacts to President Trump’s “China First” Agenda

May 14, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan today reacted to President Trump’s “China First” policy agenda.

“GM Lordstown has lost 2,700 jobs over the last 18 months and hasn’t earned a single tweet from the President. Chinese telecom giant  ZTE, however, is getting VIP treatment from the Real Donald Trump himself, who is working overtime to, in his own words, ‘get [zte] back into business, fast.’ Never mind that ZTE is a company with which the NSA, FBI, and CIA all have cyber security concerns. The Pentagon even stopped selling its phones on military bases. President Trump, not to be deterred by the idea of a potentially hostile foreign power compromising sensitive US data, is ordering his Department of Commerce to bend over backwards for a Chinese company anyway. This is instead of facilitating a massive reinvestment into communities across the US that have been left behind by rapid globalization, and in many ways by abusive and illegal Chinese trade practices,

“To add insult to injury all this is happening as he and his acolytes jet around the country touting the un-toutable: a $2 trillion tax cut for the top 1% alone, while hardworking families are left struggling to pay the bills. Where will most of the $2 trillion to pay for these tax cuts for the wealthy come from? China. President Trump isn’t tough on China. President Trump isn’t tough on anyone except poor people and senior citizens on fixed incomes trying to figure out if they can afford their healthcare and if their pensions will be there when they retire.

“This is yet another in a list of broken promises so long it verges on comical. President Trump took one of the very few areas of agreement we had – a tougher stance on China – and made a mockery of it. He is an erratic President in a time where we need serious leadership to confront growing Chinese military influence in Africa and the South China Sea and their unfair trade practices that are hurting communities across my congressional district,” said Congressman Ryan.