Congressman Tim Ryan Rebukes Planned National Emergency Declaration and Calls for Nonpartisan Commission on Immigration and Border Security | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Tim Ryan Rebukes Planned National Emergency Declaration and Calls for Nonpartisan Commission on Immigration and Border Security

February 14, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) today rebukes President Trump’s planned declaration of a national emergency to fund the construction of a wall across our southern border. In response to this executive overreach, Ryan introduced legislation today to create a nonpartisan, nine-member commission to review and assess the U.S. immigration system and border security. The Commission would make recommendations to Congress for improving security at borders and ports of entry and reform of the immigration system at large. While Congressman Ryan supports the compromise to fund the government, it does not fix our broken immigration system; and a national emergency is not how you address border security. Congressman Ryan’s Commission will develop non-partisan, expert-informed solutions for comprehensive immigration reform and border security and finally come to a long-term solution for this critical issue. To view the bill, click here.

“During the State of the Union, we saw the President’s inability to have a serious and measured discussion on how to fix our country’s broken immigration system and ensure our borders are secure. Inflammatory and divisive rhetoric does not encourage bipartisanship or pave a productive path forward. While I support the compromise to keep the government open, President Trump should not be using the declaration of a national emergency to address border security. We aren’t going to solve this through an executive overreach; we need targeted, fact-based solutions. My legislation creates a nonpartisan commission to examine the current state of U.S. border security screening programs, technology, and physical infrastructure, as well as operations related to drug interdiction, migrant detention, and the processing of asylum seekers and refugees. Consistent with our values, the bill directs the Commission to consider the protection of the human rights of immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees in its assessment. The Commission will also examine every aspect of our immigration system—from visas lotteries and immigration courts to DREAMers and a pathway to citizenship. The Commission will then make informed, nonpartisan recommendations to Congress from which we can develop comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

“We need to prioritize good policy over politics. That’s why the Commission will not include any current elected officials or political appointees. We have to put an end to the endless bickering, grandstanding, and fearmongering that too often accompanies a debate over immigration reform, DACA, asylum seekers, and border security. If we fail to address these issues now, they will only divide our country further. ” said Congressman Ryan.