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Congressman Tim Ryan Secures $16.6 million for YARS and Camp Ravenna in Government Spending Bill

September 13, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) released the following statement in response to the successful vote to approve of the conference committee report on three Fiscal Year 2019 spending bills: Energy and Water Development, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and Legislative Branch Appropriations, which included $16.6 million for Youngstown Air Reserve Station and Camp Ravenna. Ryan is Ranking Member of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee of Appropriations and a member of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee.

“This legislative package is not perfect, but it does fund facility improvements at Youngstown Air Reserve Station and Camp Ravenna, helps veterans dealing with opioid addiction, improves VA infrastructure, supports clean and renewable energy sources, and contains a new program to compensate Congressional interns for their work. I am proud to have worked with my colleagues on the committee to fight for our shared values, while being able to sideline reckless and harmful anti-environmental policy. I was happy to vote in support of this legislation on the floor, which undoubtedly will benefit my constituents in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, and Northeast Ohio,” said Congressman Ryan.

Specifics of the filed conference report include:

YARS and Camp Ravenna

The conference report provides $8.8 million for base security infrastructure at Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS) and $7.4 million for a new machine gun range at Camp Ravenna. Both investments came through Congressman Ryan’s Milcon/VA Subcommittee. Ryan inserted bill language into the Milcon/VA bill that expedited $8.8 million for YARS.

Veteran Wellness

The conference report creates a new $10 million pilot program to finance construction at veterans service organizations that would enhance their delivery of health and wellness services. This program will expand complementary and integrative health care options for veterans.

Veteran Hospice Care

Congressman Ryan fought for and secured a pilot program to provide hospice care tailored to the unique end-of-life care needs of combat veterans.

A Rejection of Proposed Trump Budget Cuts

The conference report rejects President Trump’s extreme budget cuts, restoring $8.1 billion in funding for important priorities that create jobs, strengthen our economy, and build a better future for all Americans.

Increases In Funding for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The conference report provides $2.38 billion for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs in the Department of Energy to support the development of clean, renewable, and energy efficiency technologies across the country. The conference reports reverses a House cut of $243 million and provides $57 million above the FY 2018 enacted level.

Support for Advanced Energy Technology Research and Development

The conference report provides $366 million for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), which promotes and funds research and development of advanced energy technology. The conference report reverses a House cut of $28 million, rejects President Trump’s proposed elimination of the agency, and provides $12.7 million above the FY 2018 enacted level.

Resources For Improved VA Infrastructure

The conference report provides the second installment of $2 billion for VA infrastructure needs. The funding includes $800 million for Medical Facilities for non-recurring maintenance, $750 million for seismic improvements, $300 million for Major Construction, and $150 million for Minor Construction.

Expanded Opioid Prevention and Treatment for Veterans

The conference report provides $348 million for opioid treatment and prevention programs and $52 million to continue to implement opioid safety initiatives outlined as part of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, as well as to develop programs aimed at ensuring that non-VA providers treating veterans through community care programs are informed and in compliance with all VA standards for opioid safety and prescription guidelines.

Newly Created Program for Intern Compensation

The conference report provides $8.8 million in a new dedicated funding stream for Member’s offices to pay interns. Each Member’s office may use $20,000 of that money to pay interns over the course of the calendar year. Interns paid through this account do not count against the limit on paid employees.