Congressman Tim Ryan Votes to Pave the Way for Passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better Act | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Tim Ryan Votes to Pave the Way for Passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better Act

August 24, 2021
Press Release

Washington DC – Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) votes to pave the way for passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act – which will deliver more jobs, cut taxes, and lower costs – doing so by making the wealthiest millionaires and billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share. Ryan supported a procedural vote that allows Congress to immediately begin crafting the Build Back Better Act and ensures a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the House by September 27th. Ryan also delivered an impassioned speech on the floor of the House today in support of this legislation. 

“I am proud to vote today to advance both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act. These two historic bills are a tremendous opportunity to not only rebuild our nation’s roads and bridges, but to truly meet the needs of American working families. Together, these bills will rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, create more jobs, cut taxes, and lower the cost of medicine, childcare, and health care,” said Congressman Ryan.  

The Build Back Better Act is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create historic change to meet the needs of working families:

  • Creates More Jobs: creating millions of jobs while tackling the climate crisis and ensuring that America will not only compete, but lead the way to the clean energy future.  Our historic investments in clean technologies will create two million jobs each year over the next decade, while reducing carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030.  Meanwhile, its transformative investments in women and families – including child care, paid leave, home-based care and universal free pre-K – will unlock the full economic potential of parents in the workforce.  It also includes historic investments in workforce training to connect workers to jobs, R&D to strengthen American manufacturing and small business access to credit and investment.
  • Cuts Taxes: Democrats have already made sure 40 million American families received a tax cut through the Biden Child Tax Credit and is helping cut child poverty in half.  The Build Back Better Agenda doubles down on those investments, resulting in one of the largest tax cuts for Americans ever.
  • Lowers Costs: The Build Back Better Plan will cut costs for the things that keep Americans up at night – like child care, the price of medicine, home care and the cost of college.  For the first time, seniors will be able to get the hearing aids, glasses and dental care they need through Medicare.  And families will have paid leave when they need it.
  • Ensures Wealthiest Millionaires and Billionaires and Big Corporations Pay Fair Share: The Build Back Better Plan will deliver this progress for families and the middle class by ensuring that the wealthiest and big corporations pay their fair share.  No one making under $400,000 will see an increase in their taxes from this bill.  Instead, families will see massive tax cuts.  Our action to advance tax fairness and enforcement is widely popular: 72 percent of Americans support crackdowns on tax evasion by corporations and the wealthy.  

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will make life better for millions of Ohio residents, create a generation of good-paying union jobs and economic growth, and position the United States to win the 21st century. Specifically, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes:

  • The Brown/Ryan “Build America Buy America Act” will apply strong Buy America rules to all taxpayer-funded infrastructure and public works projects. When Chinese- or Russian- made steel and other products are used instead of American products, it steals jobs from U.S. workers. Senator Brown successfully included the Build America Buy America legislation into the infrastructure package to ensure that American taxpayer dollars are used to purchase American-made products for all federally funded infrastructure projects – closing loopholes and securing major investment in American-made iron, steel, and manufactured products. Congressman Ryan has identical companion legislation in the House.
  • Repairs and rebuilds our roads and bridges: Senator Brown’s ‘Bridge Investment Act’ was included in the Senate-passed bill. Ohio there are 1,377 bridges and over 4,925 miles of highway in poor condition. Since 2011, commute times have increased by 5.7% in Ohio, and on average, each driver pays $506 per year in costs due to driving on roads in need of repair. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system. Based on formula funding alone, Ohio would expect to receive $9.2 billion for federal-aid highway apportioned programs and $483 million for bridge replacement and repairs under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act over five years.  Ohio can also compete for the $12.5 billion Bridge Investment Program for economically significant bridges and nearly $16 billion of national funding in the bill dedicated for major projects that will deliver substantial economic benefits to communities.
  • Builds a network of EV chargers to facilitate long-distance travel and provide convenient charging options: The U.S. market share of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) sales is only one-third the size of the Chinese EV market. The President believes that must change. The bill invests $7.5 billion to build out the first-ever national network of EV chargers in the United States and is a critical element in the Biden-Harris Administration’s plan to accelerate the adoption of EVs to address the climate crisis and support domestic manufacturing jobs. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Ohio would expect to receive $140 million over five years to support the expansion of an EV charging network in the state. Ohio will also have the opportunity to apply for the $2.5 billion in grant funding dedicated to EV charging in the bill.  
  • Helps connect every American to reliable high-speed internet. Broadband internet is necessary for Americans to do their jobs, to participate equally in school learning, health care, and to stay connected. Yet 14% of Ohio households do not have an internet subscription, and 2% of Ohioans live in areas where, under the FCC’s benchmark, there is no broadband infrastructure. Even where infrastructure is available, broadband may be too expensive to be within reach. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Ohio will receive a minimum allocation of $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across the state, including providing access to the at least 259,000 Ohioans who currently lack it. And, under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, 3,167,000 or 28% of people in Ohio will be eligible for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which will help low-income families afford internet access
  • Improves healthy, sustainable transportation options for millions of Americans. Ohioans who take public transportation spend an extra 75.9% of their time commuting and non-White households are 5.9 times more likely to commute via public transportation. 25% of transit vehicles in the state are past useful life. Based on formula funding alone, Ohio would expect to receive $1.2 billion over five years under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to improve public transportation options across the state.