August 1, 2007: Congressman Tim Ryan Responds to Fringe Republicans’ Stalling Tactics on CHAMP | Congressman Tim Ryan
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August 1, 2007: Congressman Tim Ryan Responds to Fringe Republicans’ Stalling Tactics on CHAMP

August 1, 2007
Press Release



(Washington, D.C.) Congressman Ryan released the following statement about stalling tactics some Republicans are using on the floor in order to stall the CHAMP Act, including a reauthorization of the State Children Health Insurance Program which would provide health insurance for an additional five million children nationwide. 


“I appreciate that not all Republicans are trying to block a vote on children’s health insurance, but unfortunately the House Republican Caucus appears to have been taken captive by a fringe element within their party which doesn’t seem to care much about our children,” said Congressman Ryan. “Moreover, this right-wing fringe views the important work of this body as a mere game. This behavior is irresponsible, irrational and inexcusable.” 


Added Ryan, “Passage of the CHAMP act would provide an additional five million children with health insurance, which will better equip them to grow up healthy, strong and able to compete in the global economy. Furthermore, it will save us billions in the long run by providing preventative care rather than costly trips to the emergency room or expensive treatments for chronic illnesses when these children become adults.” 


Since January, the Democratic majority in the House has passed the first minimum wage increase in 10 years, the largest single increase in veterans funding in the history of the Veterans Affairs system, the largest expansion of college aid since the GI Bill, provided funds for 3,000 new border patrol agents, repealed $14 billion in subsidies to big oil companies and committed funds for 50,000 new police officers on the street. The Democratic leadership has committed to complete work on key legislation before the August recess which would fund the Department of Defense, pass an innovated farm bill which would raise food stamps for the first time in 11 years and an energy bill that invests in alternative fuels. 


“Just because House Republicans aren’t in power doesn’t mean that their fringe elements can just pick up their toys and go home. We have important work to do on behalf of the American people.”