August 10, 2006: Congressman Ryan Voices Concerns about Proposed Hubbard Landfill in Letter to State

Nov 20, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Niles) sent a letter today to Mary J. Oxley, Executive Secretary of the Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC), expressing his concerns about potential negative consequences of a proposed Hubbard landfill. ERAC is set to decide on whether it has jurisdiction to rule on an appeal filed by the company seeking to build the landfill.

Text of the letter is included below.

August 9, 2006

Mary J. Oxley, Executive Secretary

The Environmental Review Appeals Commission
309 South Fourth Street, Room 222
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Dear Ms. Oxley,

I am writing in response to an application by Trans Rail America and Evanel Consultants to develop a 243-acre construction and demolition landfill on Mount Everett Road in Hubbard Township.

As the U.S. Representative for Hubbard Township and the surrounding communities, I want to join with many of my constituents in expressing grave concerns with the proposed landfill which will have a devastating impact on living conditions and a wide-range of economic development initiatives in and around the Hubbard area.

Residents of both Mahoning and Trumbull Counties have recently become very aware of problems brought on by the development of landfills in our heavily populated communities. It is expected that between 300 and 500 rail cars will arrive daily with debris, bringing with it significant increases in local truck traffic. In addition, environmental issues such as air and water quality are a significant concern. The presence of hydrogen-sulfide gases will greatly affect the quality of the air, and possible runoffs could place the area's water quality in jeopardy.

 Many of my constituents are also concerned about the possibility of diminished property values and in some cases having to leave their homes (this has already happened near the Warren Hills landfill area). Negative changes in traffic patterns and increased personal delays are also a concern for my constituents.

I hope that you will consider the concerns that I have raised as well as the concerns of residents and businesses who are voicing their opposition to the proposed landfill and the detrimental impact it will have to Hubbard and the neighboring communities.  Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (330) 373-0074.   

Thank you very much for your time and consideration with this matter.


                                                                   Tim Ryan

                                                                   Member of Congress