Congressman Ryan Blasts Tea Party for Sequester | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Ryan Blasts Tea Party for Sequester

February 7, 2013
Press Release

Congressman Ryan Blasts Tea Party for Sequester

(Washington, D.C.) Congressman Tim Ryan sharply criticized Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives today for their reckless irresponsibility in governing, and said that the damage the sequester will do to the economy in Ohio needs to be laid right at their feet. The sequester, set to take effect on March 1st, would throttle our recovering economy and cause a consistently declining unemployment rate to spike back up to 8 percent.

“What Republicans in Congress are doing is not leadership, and their conservative stubbornness will stall any concerted efforts to reach an agreement. House and Senate Republicans say they want to avoid the sequester, but the only solutions they bring to the table put fiscal responsibility solely on the backs of hard-working Americans,” said Congressman Ryan. “Instead of reaching across the aisle for compromise, House Republicans are holding the American people hostage, insisting that the only way forward is their way.”

The automatic spending cuts could cost Ohio a massive loss of jobs, including close to 40,000 jobs in the defense and civilian sectors. Automatic cuts would endanger military installations like the Youngstown Air Reserve Station, devastate important defense contracting companies that serve our nation’s defense and contribute millions of dollars per year into the state’s economy.

Congressman Ryan, who voted against the sequester bill, will continue to fight against damaging spending cuts that put Ohio jobs on the chopping block. Tea Party Republicans are playing a dangerous game and jeopardizing millions of American livelihoods by refusing to work with Democrats to find a responsible and common sense replacement for the sequester. Congressman Ryan is ready and willing to work toward an amicable resolution once House Republicans open up to compromise.

Pat Lowry

Communications Director

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