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Congressman Tim Ryan

Representing the 13th District of Ohio

Congressman Ryan Statement on Vote To Extend Bush Tax Cuts

August 1, 2012
Press Release



August 1, 2012
Contact: Press Office


Congressman Ryan Statement on Vote To Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Congressman Tim Ryan issued the following statement on today’s vote to extend the Bush tax cuts (H.R. 8):

“Once again, the Republican leadership is holding a vote to finance tax breaks for the most wealthy on the backs of the middle class. The bill we vote on today is especially terrible because it includes tax increases for military families – people who are already sacrificing for our country are being asked to pay for tax cuts for billionaires. More than 25 million working men and women, including military families,  would be negatively affected by the Republican tax plan, which is bad enough, but reaching into the pockets of the heroes who serve is unthinkable.

This bill is embarrassing and shows yet again that our priorities in Washington are totally off base. At a time when we should be working to ease the burden on middle-class families who are struggling, Republicans are forcing votes that make life harder for working people to give the super wealthy even more tax breaks. There’s a balanced, pragmatic way to solve our budget problems, but it’s clear the House Republican leadership isn’t interested in solving them. When they are, I stand ready to work with them.”