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Congressman Tim Ryan Introduces Brazilian Foreign Aid Fairness Act to Enforce Extradition Treaty

June 21, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Tim Ryan introduced legislation to encourage Brazil to comply with the U.S.-Brazil extradition treaty both countries signed in 1961. This legislation is in direct response to Brazil's refusal to extradite Claudia Hoerig to face trail for the March 12, 2007 murder of her husband, Karl Hoerig.

The U.S. and Brazil entered into a treaty in 1961 that provided for the extradition of any persons accused or convicted of a crime carrying a jail sentence of one year or more. In 1988, Brazil subsequently amended its constitution in violation of the treaty to prohibit the extradition of Brazilian citizens.

Congressman Ryan's legislation eliminates approximately $14 million in annual U.S. assistance to Brazil until the country amends its constitution to comply with the extradition treaty. Congressman Ryan will also introduce legislation that would prevent the immigration of any Brazilian nationals to the U.S. until they are in compliance with the treaty.

"It is shameful that Claudia Hoerig has managed to remain on the run from justice for over four years after killing her husband in cold blood," said Congressman Tim Ryan. "It's not as if we don't know where Hoerig is hiding – immediately after she killed her husband she fled to her home country of Brazil. But due to Brazil's constitution, Brazil will not comply with its own extradition treaty with America and return Hoerig for trial.

"This legislation ensures that we do not award Brazil another dime in foreign aid while it continues to ignore its extradition treaty with the U.S. I'm also drafting legislation that bans all immigration from Brazil until it complies with its extradition treaty so that we never experience another miscarriage of justice like this again.

"Brazil should not be rewarded when they fail to honor their promises to America. My proposal is meant to honor the memory of Karl Hoerig and see that justice is finally done."

Since Karl Hoerig's 2007 murder, Congressman Ryan has diligently sought the assistance of both the U.S. and Brazilian governments in the extradition of Claudia Hoerig for trial. The Congressman's correspondence, along with a copy of the bill, can be viewed here:

Press Contact
Jerid Kurtz, (202) 225-5261