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Congressman Tim Ryan Responds to the Impending Government Shutdown

September 30, 2013
Press Release

Congressman Ryan made the following statement in response to the impending shutdown of the United States government:

I am shocked and dismayed that the Tea Party wing of the House Republican Conference has acted so recklessly in forcing a shutdown of the United States government. My colleagues and I were not sent to Washington to play political games, we were sent here to govern. These Republican extremists have held the US government hostage and wasted both time and money by obstructing a law that was passed over three years ago, signed by the President, and deemed Constitutional by the Supreme Court. Because Tea Party Republicans didn't get their way, they have decided to take their ball and go home. I stand by my rational, moderate Republican colleagues who know that shutting down the government in order to win political battles, is no way to govern. Rational Republican and Democrats can and must stand together and pass a clean resolution to fund the government. We cannot continue to allow this extreme faction of one party to rule our nation.

A shutdown of the government will hurt the 1.4 million men and women in uniform who expect to be paid on time; government loans will not be available for middle-class families in rural communities; businesses will not be able to receive loans from the Small Business Administration; government research into environmental protections and cures for life-threatening diseases will be halted. These are just a few of the countless ways this unnecessary government shutdown will affected the American people. 

The solution is plain and simple – we must pass a clean continuing resolution to fund the government and put these petty differences aside for the better good of the United States of America.


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