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Congressman Tim Ryan

Representing the 13th District of Ohio

Congressman Tim Ryan Statement Against Repeal of Net Neutrality

November 21, 2017
Press Release

Youngstown, Ohio – Congressman Tim Ryan made the following statement in response to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unveiling its plan to repeal net neutrality. The five-member FCC has a Republican majority and is led by Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed by President Trump.

“I am furious to learn that President Trump’s hand-picked FCC chairman will overturn net neutrality, taking away Americans’ right to a free and open internet. With this decision, internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable will now have the power to dictate the speed of websites, charge higher fees to access certain websites, and prioritize their own services over those of their competitors. Before the net neutrality rules were made in 2015, more than 4 million Americans weighed in on the proposal and voiced their strong support for net neutrality. Classifying the internet as a utility helps low-income communities gain equal access to broadband services that help plug disconnected communities back into our economy. It allows the creation of stronger rules and regulations to ban paid prioritization of content and services across all internet platforms--including mobile broadband, which makes up 63% of all usage. The internet is an indispensable part of American life and it should be classified in a way that reflects the world we live in today. The plan to repeal net neutrality is yet another example of the Republican Party siding with multinational corporations and big business over the interests of the American people. Shame on them,” said Ryan.