Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on Anthem Decision to Leave Ohio Health Insurance Marketplace

Jun 6, 2017 Issues: Health and Wellness, Health Care

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan released the following statement regarding Anthem's announcement regarding their withdrawal from Ohio’s health insurance marketplace.

“I am deeply saddened to hear about Anthem’s decision to drop out of Ohio’s health insurance marketplace. Over 7,900 of my constituents will have to find new insurance plans, and as many as 10,500 Ohioans across 20 counties will be left without any insurance options next year.  This is a direct result of the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans determination to sabotage the Affordable Care Act at every turn, jeopardizing the coverage of countless Americans and their families to score cheap political points. Republicans must abandon this destructive behavior of healthcare brinksmanship, and work with Democrats to expand quality, affordable healthcare to all,” said Congressman Ryan.