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Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on the Failure of Senate Republican's "Skinny Repeal" Plan

July 28, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan released the following statement in response to the failure of Senate Republican's "skinny repeal" plan.

“‘We’re not celebrating, we’re relieved.’ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer may have said it best. We are relieved that tens of millions of Americans who gained health insurance, many for the first time, will be able to keep their coverage. We are relieved that premiums will not spike 20%. We are relieved that Americans living with disabilities, preexisting conditions, battling addiction, or facing economic hardships will not be thrown under the bus. Last night’s historic vote was a win for those people, but it was also a win for political engagement. Every phone call, letter, and tweet helped stop for now this dangerous and destructive legislation. Now that we’re here, it is urgent that Congressional Republicans engage with Democrats in a meaningful way to continue to expand coverage to all, and make it as affordable as possible. The American people are not interested in cheap political points, they want results. I ran for elected office to make the lives of my constituents better, not worse,” said Congressman Ryan.