Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on John Kelly's Fox News Interview Remarks

Oct 31, 2017

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan released this statement after reviewing White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s Fox News interview in which he refused to apologize to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson for publicly defaming her and made historically inaccurate statements about the Civil War.

“General John Kelly’s entire adult life has been dedicated to the service and protection of our nation. That service should be commended at the highest levels, but that does not absolve him for making insensitive and historically inaccurate remarks about Robert E. Lee and the cause of the Civil War. I had hoped General Kelly would bring stability to a White House spinning out of control. Instead he has picked up some of President Trump’s worst habits. Furthermore, his continued refusal to apologize to Congresswoman Wilson for making false and defamatory statements about her, even in the face of demonstrable video evidence, is a huge breach of public trust – something of which the Trump Administration has become all too familiar. He should apologize and work to repair the damage he has caused,” said Congressman Ryan.