Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on Republican Senators Letter to Iran

Mar 16, 2015

WASHINGTON—U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan released the following statement in opposition to an open letter signed by Senate Republicans to the leaders of Iran:

“The Republican Senators who organized and signed this letter have undermined the security and stability of our nation in their reckless attempt to weaken President Obama personally. In reality, however, they have undermined not one administration, but the Office of the President itself and with it, our nation as a whole. That is something that every American, regardless of how they feel about the ongoing negotiations with Iran, should staunchly oppose.

"This President was duly elected and has been given this authority by the American people. Twice. For Republicans to turn this into another crass and politicized "we hate the President battle" just continues to prove that they are unable to maturely govern a nation as great and powerful as ours.

"Our Constitution grants every President, and he or she alone, the power to negotiate with foreign countries. The branches of our government were designed this way by our founders to prevent exactly what the authors of this letter have publicly stated is their goal: to sabotage delicate negotiations upon which peace depends.

“If these Republican Senators disagree with the ongoing talks between the U.S. and Iran, they are free to pass a law overturning the final deal, which the President can veto. What Congress must not do—and indeed must never do--is attempt to speak to foreign nations in place of the President. We should instead afford President Obama the opportunity to complete these delicate, multilateral talks. Our nation’s power and security depend on it."