Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on Trump’s Announced Ban on Transgender Service in the U.S. Military | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on Trump’s Announced Ban on Transgender Service in the U.S. Military

July 26, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Tim Ryan made the following statement in response to President Trump’s announced ban on transgender servicemembers.

“I am disgusted by the President Trump’s decision to ban transgender Americans from serving in the United States military. As we face growing threats in North Korea, ISIS and other actors around the world, it is more imperative than ever that we are recruiting the best and brightest Americans to defend our nation. Yet Donald Trump’s hateful and discriminatory decision arbitrarily reduces our pool of applicants. This is a non-issue being made into an issue to score cheap political points rather than address legitimate national security concerns. Donald Trump is quick to tout his love of the troops, but it is clear that his love and support is conditional.   

“More than 134,000 of our retired Veterans are transgender, and there are currently 15,000 transgender servicemembers proudly serving openly in our military today. Is President Trump really going to fire them because of who they are? Since President Obama repealed the antiquated and discriminatory requirement for these patriots to serve in silence, we have only seen positive impacts on the strength of our Armed Forces and their readiness to protect our country. As a member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I refuse to discriminate against those who selflessly chose to serve our nation in the United States Armed Forces. Our nation is stronger than that hateful bias. It is appalling to see what lengths this President will go to divide us. These citizens put their lives on the line to preserve the freedom of all Americans. Today it may be transgender Americans.  Tomorrow it will be another group that President Trump demeans in order to deflect attention from his legislative impotence.”