Congressman Tim Ryan Votes Against Extension of Fast Track Consideration | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Congressman Tim Ryan Votes Against Extension of Fast Track Consideration

June 16, 2015
Press Release

Washington DC – Congressman Tim Ryan made the following statement in opposition to extending the deadline to reconsider a critical component to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) or Fast Track Legislation, the new deadline is July 30, 2015.

“All we have to do is look at the shuttered factories across Ohio to know what past trade deals have done to our communities. I will not apologize for doing everything in my power to stop this new trade from happening.  We know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership—a 12-country multilateral trade agreement that makes up 40% of the world’s GDP – will destroy the economic wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of Ohioans and Americans across the nation. Free trade without fair trade threatens manufacturing jobs, innovation and inevitably leads to hundreds of thousands of American jobs being shipped overseas. I am pleased that American workers rather than Wall Street won the first battle last week, and today’s actions prove that the President and House Republicans do not have the support they need to grease the wheels for the next NAFTA-style trade agreement. I will not stand by and allow this bad deal to go unchallenged,” said Congressman Ryan.

Congress needs to pass Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), an worker assistance and job training program, which includes Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) to complete Fast Track, and this has become the final road block to giving the President and future Presidents Fast Track authority on trade deals. Fast Track increases the President’s power and removes Congress’s authority to amend or influence trade deals, including the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Congressman Ryan remains a vocal opponent to Fast Track authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and although he fundamentally supports Trade Adjustment Assistance and the Health Coverage Tax Credit accompanying it, he will not cast a vote that advances Fast Track.

“As a long-time supporter of TAA and HCTC, I was disappointed that House Republicans used these important programs as a pawn in the long road to passing Fast Track and TPP. I am committed to opposing any future trade agreements that will hurt American workers and manufacturing, and unfortunately that means taking difficult votes. Now is the time to stop unfair trade and to do so it is critical that we stop the passage of TPA.  I look forward to keeping the dialogue open on how we can pass TAA and HCTC without jeopardizing the livelihood of thousands of workers in the state of Ohio and around the country," said Congressman Ryan.