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Congressman Tim Ryan

Representing the 13th District of Ohio

Congressman Tim Ryan Votes Against Fast Track

June 12, 2015
Press Release

Washington DC – Congressman Tim Ryan made the following statement today after he voted against Trade Promotion Authority or “Fast Track”. The House of Representatives blocked TPA or “Fast Track” from advancing to the President’s desk:

“Over the last twenty years, I have watched one trade agreement after another decimate working families. By passing fast track trade authority, Congress would give all of our negotiating power to this and future Presidents and surrender any ability to ensure future trade agreements will work for Ohioans. By passing Fast Track, Congress and the public will be left behind on the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and we will have no power to improve or impact this deal that will affect the economic wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of Ohioans and Americans across the country.

“In Ohio, I watched steel mills close; sat in union halls listening to families coping with the outsourcing of their jobs; and saw communities nearly destroyed from loss of industry. We know what NAFTA did to our community here in Ohio and throughout the United States, and the effect it still has today. For these reasons, I voted against Fast Track and actively encouraged my colleagues in the House to defeat this measure. I could not stand by and support a bill that will allow the Administration to ignore Congress and pass a trade agreement that will cripple manufacturing, stop innovation and ship hundreds of thousands of American jobs overseas.”

To watch Congressman Ryan's floor speech during today's Fast Track debate click here