Jan.23,2008: Rep.Ryan Votes to Support Children’s Healthcare, Attempt to Override President’s Veto | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Jan.23,2008: Rep.Ryan Votes to Support Children’s Healthcare, Attempt to Override President’s Veto

January 23, 2008
Press Release



Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17) today voted to support the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and override the President’s veto of bipartisan legislation to provide healthcare to 10 million children. More than 218,000 children in Ohio currently receive care through SCHIP, and the bipartisan plan vetoed by the President would have extended care to 122,000 more children who are in need of coverage. 

“After years of no bid contracts to Halliburton and billions of unaccounted funds spent on a War in Iraq which will cost our nation over a trillion dollars, the President wants us to believe he’s a fiscal conservative, and takes that stand with millions of children hanging in the balance,” Congressman Ryan said.   

“When unemployment increases, so do the number of Americans without health insurance,” Congressman Ryan said.  “In this weak economy, more and more American parents are having difficulty finding health insurance for their children.  As a result, the SCHIP program is more critical than ever.” 

The legislation vetoed by the President provided a $35 billion expansion of the SCHIP program and would have provided health care coverage to 10 million children. The legislation was backed by Republicans and Democrats in both houses of Congress and enjoyed support from Governors of both parties. Congressman Ryan believes there is broad support for this measure among the American people. 

Congressman Ryan vowed to continue to fight in Washington to enact legislation to provide health care for 10 million children this year.   The existing SCHIP program was extended in December until March 2009—but, without this legislation, 3.8 million additional low-income children who are eligible but not enrolled will now not be covered under the program.  In addition, state budget shortfalls and administrative rules from President Bush put children who are covered now in jeopardy of losing health care. 

“One way or another, we’re going to provide healthcare for these kids. The President will not be allowed to hijack children’s healthcare,” said Congressman Ryan.