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Congressman Tim Ryan

Representing the 13th District of Ohio

June 22, 2006: Congressman Ryan Secures over $25 Million in Defense Money for Area Technology Development Projects

November 17, 2006
Press Release

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) announced today that he secured $25.5 million in federal earmarks in a Defense Department spending bill for research and development projects in Summit and Portage Counties. The funds include $20 million for Lockheed Martin to develop a high altitude airship, $2 million for Lockheed's Millennium Gun project, $1.5 million for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company to continue research on materials for the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, and $2 million for Alpha-Micron's state-of-the-art variable transmittance visors.


The Defense spending bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday night.


"One of my goals has always been to advance technology development in the 17th District because I believe it's key to economic prosperity," said Congressman Ryan. "I'm very proud to have been able to get these companies funding for several important, cutting-edge projects. Their research will result not only in the development of new technologies, but as important, create new jobs and new investment for the region."


The High Altitude Airship will be designed to operate autonomously in the stratosphere for long periods of time (greater than six months) as a stable, geostationary platform suitable for communications, sensor, and weapons.  It will be housed at Lockheed's Airdock in Akron.


The Millennium Gun is a multi-role, inner-layer defense naval weapon system designed to defeat threats in the air, on the surface, and during coastal and river operations. Its low weight makes it suitable for mounting on a number of ship types, including Coast Guard cutters, frigates, offshore patrol boats, and the Littoral Combat Ship.


Goodyear's research on advanced materials and new materials for combat aircraft tires as well as other aircraft tires will support the continued viability of U.S.-owned, headquartered, and manufacturing tire capability for our military and ensure a second source for the current Joint Strike Fighter. Goodyear is the only U.S.-owned tire company manufacturing for the U.S. military.


Alpha-Micron's Variable Transmittance Visor, utilizing liquid crystal technology, is a fast-acting technology that enables a fighter pilot to adjust the tint of his or her helmet visor. In addition to increasing see-through without having to raise the visor, helmet-mounted displays will retain their contrast, and the information they display will not be washed out by bright light or be too dim to read.