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Congressman Tim Ryan

Representing the 13th District of Ohio

May 22, 2008: Congressman Tim Ryan Supports 2009 Democratic Budget

May 22, 2008
Press Release


Plan Invests in Energy, Education, and Infrastructure; Cuts Taxes on Middle Class; Returns Budget to Balance


WASHINGTON – Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17) today voted for the fiscal year 2009 budget plan that charts a New Direction for the country.  The budget makes key investments in energy, education, and infrastructure as well as providing tax relief for the middle class. The plan, a budget conference agreement for fiscal 2009, won approval today by the House of Representatives.


“I am happy that this long budget process has ended with an agreement that invests in our critical infrastructure and quality of life,” said Congressman Ryan.  “I often say that our budget priorities must reflect our values. This resolution which balances the budget, invests in renewable energy sources, makes investments in education and helps struggling families by providing middle-class tax relief does just that.”


The Democratic budget:


  • Rejects the failed fiscal policies of the Bush Administration.  It returns the budget to balance – reaching a surplus of $22 billion in 2012 and $10 billion in 2013.


  • Responds to soaring energy costs by helping promote renewable energy, clean fuel technology, and energy efficiency.


  • Makes education and innovation investments that will generate economic growth and jobs, make college more affordable, improve student achievement, and reverse the Bush Administration’s under-funding of education.


  • Invests in our nation’s infrastructure – repairing crumbling roads, bridges, transit, airports, and schools.


  • Does not include any tax increase.  To the contrary, it supports significant tax relief, including extension of marriage penalty relief, the child tax credit, and the 10 percent bracket, as well as allowing for estate tax reform.  It includes an additional year of Alternative Minimum Tax relief.  And it provides for property tax relief, energy and education tax relief, and extenders. 


  • Makes our country safer by providing robust funding for national defense and ensuring that resources are available to address the most critical threats facing the nation.  It ensures that veterans get the quality health care they need and deserve.  It also protects the homeland and rejects the President’s cuts in law enforcement, the COPS program, firefighters, and other first responders.