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Congressman Tim Ryan

Representing the 13th District of Ohio


November 13, 2009
Press Release

Congressional Budget Office confirms that bill will succeed in controlling costs, lower premiums

Washington, DC—Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17) released figures on the local impact of H.R. 3962, The Affordable Health Care for America Act. The study was prepared by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Last week, Congressman Ryan joined other House colleagues to unveil this historic legislation to reform America’s health care system in a way that reduces the deficit, provides stability and security for Americans who currently have health insurance, and an affordable, quality option for those who don’t.

The Congressional Budget Office released estimates today confirming that H.R. 3962 will succeed in controlling costs that will be reflected in individual and family premiums.  CBO found that by 2016, premiums will be $5,300 for an individual and $15,000 for a family of four in the Exchange.  This is well below the $24,000 family premium expected if Congress fails to act and premiums grow as projected under current law.

“After taking the time to hear the needs of our community, including eight events in my district dedicated solely to health care, I’m pleased to see a health care bill that is both far-reaching and cost-effective,” said Congressman Tim Ryan. “Soaring premiums and a lack of guaranteed access to affordable coverage have taken a toll on individuals and families, small businesses and taxpayers. This legislation will offer access to quality, affordable health care that can’t be denied.”

In Ohio’s 17th Congressional District, The House Committee on Energy and Commerce provided the following estimates:


·         Improve Employer-Base Coverage for 355,000 Residents;

·         Provide credits to help pay for coverage for up to 180,000 Households;

·         Improve Medicare for 109,000 Beneficiaries, including Closing the Prescription Drug Donut Hole for 9,100 Seniors;

·         Allow 14,000 Small Businesses to obtain affordable health care coverage and provide tax credits to help reduce health insurance costs for up to 12,300 small businesses;

·         Provide coverage for 43,000 uninsured residents;

·         Protect up to 1,700 families from bankruptcy due to unaffordable health care costs;

·         Reduce the cost of uncompensated care hospitals and health care providers by $20 Million.


The Bill will come to a vote of the full House after a 72-hour review period is completed.