Oct. 25, 2007: Congressman Tim Ryan lauds passage of S-CHIP | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Oct. 25, 2007: Congressman Tim Ryan lauds passage of S-CHIP

October 25, 2007
Press Release


Vows to continue fighting to protect 10 million children  

Washington, D.C. –Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17) continued his fight for healthcare and applauded the House Democrats for not backing down on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) which would cover 10 million children. The bill, nearly identical to the one that was vetoed by President Bush, contained minor changes explicitly designed to address the core objections that The President had with the bill. 

“The President and a small group of fringe Republicans have staked out a ludicrous position on this bill,” said Congressman Tim Ryan. “It is unconscionable to cloak their fundamental opposition to providing healthcare for children in arguments about covering wealthy children or allowing adults to remain on the program. These arguments already failed to pass the smell test, but nonetheless, the new S-CHIP bill explicitly ensures that no such issues could arise. If the President vetoes this bill now, and his fringe supporters in the House attempt to derail us again, they will be held accountable by the American people.”  


The revised bill clarifies that the legislation focuses on enrolling low-income children.  


-SCHIP coverage will be capped at 300 percent of poverty and states will only receive bonus payments for enrolling eligible children in Medicaid, the lowest income children in a state.   

-The bill ensures that illegal immigrants won’t have access to SCHIP by ensuring that the Social Security Administration receives documentation on an applicant’s citizenship.   

-The bill also added a provision to phase out childless adults over the course of one year rather than two.   


The provisions were added in order to address the core arguments the President made when he vetoed the previous S-CHIP legislation which enjoyed bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate. 


“I am proud of the House leadership and I am proud to fight with them on this issue,” Said Congressman Tim Ryan. “Our kids can’t be expected to compete in a global economy if they don’t have access to basic healthcare. All we need to do is find approximately 15 more votes in the House to insure 10 million children. I can’t think of a more important goal than that.”