Statement from Rep. Tim Ryan on the Republican Budget | Congressman Tim Ryan
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Statement from Rep. Tim Ryan on the Republican Budget

March 30, 2012
Press Release


MARCH 29, 2012
Contact: Pat Lowry

(330) 717-8103

WASHINGTON –Congressman Tim Ryan issued the following statement in response to House of Representatives Passage of the Republican Budget:

“Once again we find ourselves in the middle of a budget debate—and while the details may have changed since last year, the bottom line seems to stay the same: significant cuts to benefits to the people who rely on them the most, no plan to create jobs and a failure to invest in the future technologies that will reduce our dependency on foreign oil and reduce the squeeze average Americans are feeling because of high gas prices. This budget has no vision.

This is going to force our seniors to take a Medicare voucher and negotiate with insurance companies who will want to charge higher premiums for fewer services or they will remain in what will be a significantly weakened “traditional” Medicare plan. Republicans will reopen the prescription drug donut hole and repeal the new free preventive care benefit under Medicare. And while they do this—because the top 1 percent needs ever more tax cuts—not one tax loophole closed. Republicans seem to forget that their hero Ronald Reagan raised taxes eleven times.

This Republican budget asks for deep cuts, and asks our middle class to pay the price. The future they envision cuts college aid for more than nine million students—including Pell Grant awards, and this summer will raise the interest rate on student loans for nearly 7.5 million students. This budget will destroy more than four million jobs over the next two years by allowing our nation’s infrastructure to crumble, with little money for roads, bridges, railway and transit, but plenty of tax breaks for millionaires.   

I will not be part of a job-killing plan that does not keep the promises this country has made to our seniors and students. This is a reckless document that fails to ask the wealthiest among us to make any sacrifice at all—and makes life more difficult for our shrinking middle class and expanding under-class. We can do better.”